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Their first recording, a seven-song EP entitled I Don't Know Yet, was recorded in 2013 with Evan Middlesworth at Pine Hollow Studios.  Somehow, Evan was convinced to work with the band again, and they recorded the twelve-song LP Koala Me Crazy in the spring of 2015. You can hear it on 96.3 WHYS, Blugold Radio 99.9 FM, and in a few bars in Eau Claire that are still rockin' the cd player jukeboxes. 

Dingo Factory is:

Chris Hale--guitars/lead vocals

Chris Kuter--keyboards/lead vocals

Matt Brenner (2013-2015) --bass/vocals

Patrick Bedard--drums/vocals


Gigs we've played:

12/07/2019 @ J Dub 80's Party, Bend, OR

09/30/2018 @ The Capitol, Bend, OR with The Worst and Seepeoples 

12/01/2017 @ J Dub Winter Kickoff Party, Bend, OR

11/25/2017 @ M&J Tavern, Bend, OR

11/04/2017 @ Sol Alchemy, Bend, OR with Pinto Bean and Jah Yogi

10/14/2017 @ Oberon's, Ashland, OR

09/29/2017 @ The Sound Lounge, Grants Pass, OR

09/23/2017 @ Bombs Away Cafe, Corvallis, OR

08/19-21/2017 @ Off The Grid Eclipse Festival, Monument, OR

08/15/2017 @ M & J Tavern, Bend, OR

08/06/2017 @ Bend Pizza Kitchen, Bend, OR

07/20/2017 @ jJRDF Fundraiser, Wild Ride Brewery, Redmond, OR

07/03/2017 @ Bridge 99 for Barb's family reunion

06/24/2017 @ KPOV 88.9 High Desert Community Radio, Bend, OR

06/20/2017 @ M&J Tavern, Bend, OR

06/17/2017 @ Bridge 99 Brewery, Bend, OR

05/30/2017 @ M&J Tavern, Bend, OR

05/20/2017 @ Central Oregon Beer Week, Broken Top Bottle Shop, Bend, OR

05/18/2017 @ The Lot, Bend, OR

04/08/2017 @ Bombs Away Cafe, Corvallis, OR

04/07/2017 @ ColdFire Brewing, Eugene, OR

03/18/2017 @ Bridge 99 Brewery, Bend, OR

03/02/2017 @ The Lot; Bend, OR

12/09/2016 @ J Dub; Bend, OR

10/28/2016 @ J Dub; Bend, OR

10/01/2016 @ Strictly Organic Coffee; Bend, OR

07/08/2016 @ The Plus; Eau Claire, WI

06/04/2016 @ Hostel in the Forest; Brunswick, GA

06/02/2016 @ Planet! Sarbez! with Pinto Bean and Kensley Stewart; St. Augustine, FL 

11/27/2015 @ House of Rock with F.M. Down; Eau Claire, WI

10/31/2015 @ Halloween Show! in our friends' basement

10/03/2015 @ Hobbsy's 2nd Annual Frogtoberfest; Lake Hallie, WI

09/19/2015 @ Mousetrap Tavern with Sonic Intension; Eau Claire, WI

08/20/2015 @ Volume One Summer Concert Series in Phoenix Park; Eau Claire, WI

08/20/2015 @ Firehouse; Eau Claire, WI

08/29/2015 @ Every Buddy's Bar; Chippewa Falls, WI

07/25/2015 @ Noel and Jodi's Rock and Roll Wedding

07/11/2015 @ NightOwls Tavern; Merrillan, WI

06/12/2015 @ Mousetrap Tavern with Sonic Intension; Eau Claire, WI

05/22/2015 @ The Nomad with Sonic Intension & Graveyard Club; Minneapolis, MN

05/19-21/2015 @ Pine Hollow Audio - recording album "Koala Me Crazy"

04/25/2015 @ Pizza Plus presents Jam it for the Planet featuring Big Woo; Eau Claire, WI

04/17/2015 @ Every Buddy's Bar and Grill; Chippewa Falls, WI

03/27/2015 @ The Plus with The Jaggernauts; Eau Claire, WI

03/07/2015 @ 36th annual Decadent Cabaret as "Jimmy Dingo Eat Factory World," House of Rock; Eau Claire, WI

01/16/2015 @ Mousetrap Tavern with Sonic Intension (mpls); Eau Claire, WI 

12/20/2014 @ The Plus for Freezing Out Human Sex Trafficking with Fierce Freedom; Eau Claire, WI

11/29/2014 @ Every Buddy's Bar with Favor the Fall; Chippewa Falls, WI

10/4/2014 @ Firehouse Bar for Wisctoberfest; Eau Claire, WI 

09/28/2014 on 96.3 WHYS Radio with Papa Bear on The Bear's Den

09/27/2014 @ Revival Records with The Jaggernauts; Eau Claire, WI

09/26/2014 CD RELEASE @ House of Rock Eau Claire, WI with The Jaggernauts, Wolf Blood, Good Guys Wear Wolf

09/12/2014 @ Every Buddy's Bar and Grill with Headband Jam; Chippewa Falls, WI 

08/31/2014 @ Timbuktunes Family Reunion; Eau Claire, WI

07/11/2014 @ House of Rock with The Rotation and FM Down; Eau Claire, WI

06/13/2014 @ Congress Club with Indonesian Junk and Rosa Parkinsions; Stevens Point, WI

05/3/2014 @ The Mousetrap with Giants of Midgard; Eau Claire, WI

03/7/2014 @ 35th annual Decadent Cabaret, House of Rock; Eau Claire, WI

12/31/2013 @ Pizza Plus with Tim Cavanagh and The Jaggernauts; Eau Claire, WI 

12/6/2013 @ The Mousetrap with Do It Yourself DaIsY; Eau Claire, WI

11/9/2013 @ The Mousetrap with In Black Print and The Jaggernauts; Eau Claire, WI

09/07/2013 @ Pizza Plus; Eau Claire, WI

08/02/2013 @ The Mousetrap; Eau Claire, WI

05/11/2013 @ House of Rock with The Jaggernauts and The Perennials; Eau Claire, WI