What's Up?

We took some drives and played some cool new places. The Sound Lounge was full of friendly folk that were an absolute pleasure to play for. We loved the intimacy at Oberon's. Chris Kuter forgot to tell you that he was in a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. He really wanted you to know that. He's been bopping around Twitter now: call sign @DingoFactoryDigital distribution is a thing for us now! You can buy Koala Me Crazy through CdBaby here. It's also on Spotify and iTunes and all that jazz. We've been dabbling in some diy demo recording to get some of the new stuff we've been playing onto the internet as well. I'm antsy to play more show for you all. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and I hope you are too. Dingo, out. Aaaaarooooo!


November 25, 9pm @ M & J Tavern, Bend, OR

December 1, 9pm @ 80's Ski Party Winter Kick OffJ Dub, Bend, OR







P.S. - If you would like a dingo-manufactured copy of Koala Me Crazy that was burnt, stamped, printed, folded, and assembled right here in the dingo factory, email us at DingoFactory@gamil.com. We can also get you a copy of I Don't Know Yet or a t-shrit with the logo drawn by Chris Hale and adapted for printing by Chris Kuter. Much love.


Pile of CDs