What's Up?

School is back in session and we've been seeing the geese making their annual journey south. I hope your summers were action packed. We filled ours with music and bicycle rides and car rides and camping trips. This fall we're going to play in a few new places in Oregon, visit some we've been to before, record some stuff and get it up on the interwebs with interesting things to look at. I want to leave my thank you to Rowdy Rick Miller and Dangerous Dennis Plant for having us on KPOV's Center Stage. (That's a link to our song "Not Rosewood" posted to their facebook page.) That's all for now. Dingo out. Aaaaarooooo!


October 14 @ Oberan's Restaurant & Bar, Ashland, OR with Mike Rufo

November 4 @ Sol Alchemy, Bend, OR

November 25 @ M & J Tavern, Bend, OR







P.S. - If you would like a dingo-manufactured copy of Koala Me Crazy that was burnt, stamped, printed, folded, and assembled right here in the dingo factory, email us at DingoFactory@gamil.com. We can also get you a copy of I Don't Know Yet or a t-shrit with the logo drawn by Chris Hale and adapted for printing by Chris Kuter. Much love.


Pile of CDs